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Platform Engineering

Our end-to-end Platform Engineering defines practices for designing, building and operating platforms for Application development teams to leverage such as Internal Developer Platform (IDP), DevSecOps As a service and SRE

Internal Developer Platform

We design and build toolchains and workflows that enable self-service capabilities for software engineeringDevSecOps as a Service

DevSecOps as a Service is a delivery model that promotes collaboration between the development, operations and security team. 

Site Reliability Engineering

Our fleet of SRE engineers manages your production environment to ensure that deployments are handled with care and that your platform is always live and healthy.

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DevSecOps as a Service is a delivery model offered by our engineers that promotes collaboration between the software development, operations and security teams. Our service goes from container builds to cluster upgrades delivering an end-to-end partnership with your development team. Take the guesswork and experimentation out of hairy topics like namespacing, tenant management, cluster sizing, and security protocols. 


Managed k8s and Service Mesh

Our team dramatically simplifies the upkeep of your modernised stack on Kubernetes. We manage its scale and capacity with 360° monitoring of all components while optimising cost and performance. We take over the responsibility of maintaining, upgrading, and scaling your cluster with an eye toward security. So, unlock the potential of your entire team by focusing entirely on your app and we’ll focus on your k8s

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Managed Cloud

Your team knows they should be focused on delivering value to your customers. But with the complexity of cloud and modern applications, a lot of time gets spent working on tooling, deployments, monitoring and firefighting. We unlock the full potential of your team by freeing them up from the repetitive tasks and letting them focus on what matters most. Our team is skilled at cloud infrastructure and delivers value to customers by offering proactive monitoring, automation, and management of our customer's environment.


Site Reliability Engineering

Our SRE team is a unique combination of engineering teams that define best practices to solve infrastructure and operations problems. The team also aids in the seamless upkeep of important, revenue-critical systems despite outages and configuration errors. Our mission is to protect, provide for, and progress the software and systems behind all of your applications. 

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Developers on Demand

Our on-demand developers scale IT teams with the best talent including developers, DevOps engineers, security engineers and consultants. They have immense expertise and skills to develop unique and rich applications as per business needs. In addition to outstanding work, our on-demand developers are also well versed in consulting. This saves you time, money, training and stress paired with increased productivity that you wouldn’t believe.


Cloud Migration

We offer both comprehensive consulting and technology services to help you make the momentous transition to cloud-native. Moving an application that's in production feels like building a plane while flying it. That’s why migrations seem crazy and borderline impossible. We can speak from experience when we say that when done right, they can be silky smooth and can happen with zero downtime

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Continuous Integration and Delivery

Building an app is challenging enough without having to worry about broken builds and disastrous deployments. Our battle-tested DevOps team takes care of all the heavy lifting so you can focus on what matters most to your customer instead of dealing with infrastructure. We manage your cloud-native applications on an ongoing basis using continuous integration and delivery and connect all the dots in your DevOps assembly line, from build & test to infrastructure as code.


Cloud Auditing and Compliance

Our team is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to audit AWS, Azure and GCP by reviewing and testing controls that secure data, secure the operating system, protect the network layer, manage logical access, and manage incident response. When testing complex cloud environments, it is crucial to partner with security experts that you can trust. Our auditors are AWS certified Security Experts, and hold additional certifications like the CCSK and CCAK.

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Hashicorp Tooling

Our expertise in Hashicorp products helps us provide collaboration, provisioning, compliance, and management of any cloud, infrastructure and service. We ensure our customers experience consistent workflow to secure, audit, and govern infrastructure with encrypted variables, audit logs and policy as code using Hashicorp’s tools like Terraform, Vault, Consul, Waypoint and Nomad.


Logging and Monitoring

We strongly believe that what gets measured & monitored gets improved and helps you sleep peacefully. Our team measures, monitors and improves with detailed monitoring dashboards, automated operations with alerts, service dependency graphs, centralised request logging and distributed tracing, real-time metrics analysis and alerting. This ensures our customers don’t have to worry about setting up a solution for end-to-end Logging, Monitoring, Instrumentation and Observability.

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