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Digital Forensics

In case of a breach, the most important thing is to correctly handle, analyse and interpret the evidence

Forensic Investigation

Get a complete and comprehensive approach to your forensic investigations – get the Digital Insights UK Forensics service! We use the most advanced cloning techniques to recover all forms of digital evidence; we accurately recreate past events so that you can take the appropriate action. Our forensic experts observe the highest standards and latest methodologies to ensure the complete integrity of the chain of custody. We guarantee results.

Digital forensics DICUK
incident response

Incident Response

In any security incident, a quick, organised and methodical response is vital to limit damage and reduce recovery time and costs. Digital Insights UK offers real-time solutions to ensure your data assets and ongoing business operations remain safe. Our Incident Response teams skillfully identify, triage and investigate the incident, providing speedy, efficient resolution. Whatever the threat, your security is our priority.

Cyber Threat Hunting

Not having a robust and evolving cybersecurity posture can lead to disaster! Your network may contain hidden threats, just waiting to be activated. To protect you, Digital Insights UK actively analyses your systems and networks, identifying and locating vulnerabilities, suspicious activity, and compromise indicators. Using a wide range of Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP) recognition to cyber threat intelligence, we make sure your company and its operations are always secure.

Cyber threat hunting
forensic data recovery

Forensic Data Recovery

Your company’s operations depend on critical business data being accessible, secure, and integrated.  A hack or breach can steal or corrupt your data, causing you a massive loss of information and revenue. Our Forensic Data Recovery teams quickly salvage previously removed data by using precision Data Recovery Methods and the latest tools. With Digital Insights UK on the job, you can rest at ease.

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