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Penetration Testing

Test and update your security features regularly to prevent negative effects on the system

What is Penetration Testing?

Combining Penetration Testing with a Vulnerability Assessment to identify and validate threats or weaknesses that could compromise IT security. Our security experts use hands-on scanning techniques to perform vulnerability assessments that identify the highest potential risk to your environment. Then conduct Penetration Test (Ethical Hacking) to manually simulate real-world network attacks, mimicking the tactics employed by malicious outsiders.


The result is an IT security report of findings and a detailed risk analysis with actionable recommendations to help a client to protect their IT security including network infrastructure, critical systems and confidential data.


Who needs Penetration Testing?

This is the process of identifying and quantifying security vulnerabilities in an environment with an in-depth evaluation of a client’s information security posture, indicating weaknesses as well as providing the appropriate mitigation procedures to either eliminate those weaknesses or reduce them to an acceptable level of risk.


Vulnerability Assessments would include the following steps:-

  • Catalog assets and resources in a system

  • Identify the security vulnerabilities or potential threats to each resource

  • Assign quantifiable value and importance to the resources

  • Mitigate or eliminate the most serious vulnerabilities for the most valuable resources

Benefits of Penetration Testing

  • Penetration testing looks for flaws in the system's or application's settings, as well as the network infrastructure.

  • Penetration testers attempt to exploit vulnerabilities that have been established. That is, you get a glimpse of what an intruder might do in the real world.

  • It puts your cyber-defence skills to the test. You should be able to recognize attacks and react appropriately and quickly.

  • It ensures business continuity because you need network connectivity, 24/7 communications, and access to services to ensure that your business operations are still up and running.

  • Obtain an expert opinion from a third party because your management may be hesitant to respond or act when a problem is detected by someone within your organisation.

  • It helps maintain a level of trust with your clients. Customers, vendors, and associates tend to otherwise lose confidence and loyalty as a result of a cyber-attack or data breach.


Penetration Testing for Different Infrastructures

Web Application Security Assessment will comprehensively appraise the security of an application. These tests are carried out from both the authenticated and unauthenticated perspective and will offer an evaluation of the sites security posture from both valid users who aim to escalate access privileges and unauthorised users.

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